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THE BEREAN TIMES October 31st, 2008




Seasons of Life

The seasons of life will come and pass in turn without us having to do anything. They just are. We practice wisdom by recognizing the seasons we are in though. I have the joy of watching different seasons in my children's education. There is the initial season, we'll call it Spring: The newness, the wonder, the excitement and the anticipation of all things ~ everything is an adventure in learning. Then we have Summer: Rapid growth, strong roots take hold, beauty begins to bloom and the body and mind begin to exercise and stretch forth and grab hold of new found knowledge. Then comes Autumn: This is the time of full statured, magnificent display of what God has wrought in each individual and the uses for which they will be called. Finally we have Winter: The time to share and pass on a legacy, a lifetime of learning, wisdom and knowledge to a new and eager generation. I have to be careful to recognize which season each of my children are in. My response to them and how I teach them tends to change with the season. May God grant me the wisdom to know this and to appreciate the changing seasons.


I’m sitting at the computer wondering what I should write about. Suddenly I remember this isn’t being written in pen, so 150 backspaces or so later you wouldn’t even know about this. Be right back I have to get my MP3 player and listen to some Switchfoot…. done. Haaay light bulb just came on above my head. This is my column, so I can write about what I want to. But what do I want to write about? Another light bulb comes on, thought you should know what I look like…I’m the one with the camera. I am also a member of the P.T.F. aka Percussion Task Force. This is funny, here I am writing the second newspaper article and the first one isn’t even out yet. Well, let me tell you what we did in October. My school, the Berean Academy had a Fall Farm Harvest theme this month. We went to two different farms, the first one was the V2 farm in Enumclaw. While we were there a horse stole my cowboy hat. But we got a picture of the culprit. Kind of cool. I received an incredible offer at V2 but regrettably had to turn it down. I will wait for another opportunity. I just hope it comes fast. You see, I’m a horse lover from way back. The first horse that I ever rode was my uncle’s horse Star, named for the star shaped white patch on her forehead. I once made a bet with my uncle on Independence Day that a groundhog (a firework) could work under water, and if it did he would let me ride Star. It worked and I got to ride Star. I like horses a lot, if you know me at all, you most likely know that. Some might say that equestrian pursuits are not manly, but I think otherwise! (try telling that to the many generations of bull riders, cowboys, gunslingers and bronco busters) I prefer the western style of riding. I have grown up around horses, whether real or fictional and have developed a need you might say, to ride as often as possible… (Sometimes in the middle of those Arabian nights I steal off into the abandoned desert arenas and ride to my hearts content on every rare breed you can think of.. Miles and miles are passed practically flying through obstacles of those awkward colored genie carpets, ya I mean the blue guy with the bracelets.. Ali Baba is yet to be found… and a few times a tiny little monkey guy gets in my way before laughing his cute little monkey laugh, then diving out of the way just in time… I HAVEN’T MET MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS YET…. BUT I’M POSITIVE SHE IS BREATHTAKING and loves wild gorgeous horses almost as much as I do…. But if it’s awhile before the beauty comes along in my life.. That will do just fine.. You see I have a princess for a sister… and she enjoys my company greatly.. She thinks I’m the most creative, unique and handsome guy around… [which is definitely true if you ask me]… but I don’t think she knows that, on those days that she is a grumpy nag.. I consider trading her at a swap meet for a glorious breed or anything with a bridle in its mouth… [ha ha ha] ….I am not kidding, I’m sorry but you should hear her sometimes man!! Well c’mon, you know I have to earn some points by honesty!!! Love you Will, SLH) Wow! That was way not me that just wrote that. Must be my crazy sister. We also went to The Farm, funny name I know, that’s the name of the farm, it’s The Farm. It is located in Snohomish county. We went into a hay maze, a giant corn maze in the shape of Washington state, had kettle corn and hot apple cider and my mom was named 2008 grump of the year. We also had a really cool field trip to the studio’s of Spirit 105.3 in October. It was awesome to go there and see how everything works, hear the history of Crista Ministries and meet some of our favorite radio personalities including Matt Case and Tom & Sara in the afternoon. We also recorded the Pledge of Allegiance and got to go in the broadcast booths!

This sums up the activities during October for the Berean Academy, until next time…

Odds and Ends


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U.S. News & Thoughts

Where our Faith and Treasure are...

Where our faith and treasure lie is telling. In this nation we have both seen much and heard much, to be frightened of late, The economy is in danger of collapse, the political divide is growing and there is discontent and fear that is palpable. If the liberal media is to be believed we are doomed and need a savior. They have picked him and his name is Obama. But we already have a Savior, his name is Jesus and He has already solved every problem we will ever encounter, calmed every fear, built for us beautiful housing, is our Great Physician, owns the cattle on a thousand hills and knows of what we need before we ask it. If our faith and treasure are tied to this mortal and temporary life there is great cause to be alarmed. But if our faith and treasure are held in trust by Him who holds all things I have no need to fear; prepared and wise yes, especially as we see that day approaching.


Reformation Era

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) of Germany was an artist of great significance in his time; his 100 most famous works were very recently on display at the Museum of Biblical Arts in New York. They will continue to be exhibited at many places in the U.S.
He began as an apprentice under his father in gold working. The latter was careful to bring his children up to honor God.
Albrecht is best known for his wood cuts. He started selling them and his engravings at age 24.
Because of the printing press advancement he was the very first artist who illustrated, designed and printed his own books. He sold many with his art. One book had a sequence of fifteen wood cut prints with texts from Revelation, and included some very graphic apocalypse paintings.
During the last decade of his life Durer became a fan of the famous Martin Luther. They both understood that the press gave people the liberty to see and read for themselves. Luther was a popular writer of vigorous prose and added many of his (Durer) art pieces within his publishing.
Albrecht visited the Augustinian Church in Nuremberg and listened to Luther’s mentor Johann Von Staupitz, who preached that it was Jesus’ atonement rather than our works that gains us His freedom and redemption from sin.
Luther’s teachings influenced him greatly; he wished to make a portrait of him, of whom he said “This Christian man has helped me out of great distress.”
While Luther had disappeared shortly, Durer was moved to pray for him, he offered “O God if Luther is dead who will henceforth deliver the Holy Gospel to us with such clarity?” He never got to make a portrait of Luther, but he did however portray Mr. Philipp Melanchthon who was the lead writer of the Augsburg Confessions of 1530.
When Albrecht died in 1528, Luther commented in his writing “It is natural and right to weep for so excellent a man.”

Here are a few quotes of Durer’s:
·No single man can be taken as a model for a perfect figure, for no man lives on Earth who is endowed with the whole of beauty.
·From [drawing], the treasure secretly gathered in your heart will become evident through your creative work.
·And since geometry is the right foundation of all painting, I have decided to teach its rudiments and principles to all youngsters eager for art.
·If a man devotes himself to art, much evil is avoided that happens otherwise if one is idle.
·What beauty is, I know not, though it adheres to many things.
·As I grew older, I realized that it was much better to insist on the genuine forms of nature, for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art.
·Because of our Christian faith we have to stand in scorn and danger, for we are reviled and called heretics.
a self portrait of Albrecht:
And lastly here is one of his many printed art pieces. It is titled The Knight Death and the Devil. It is supposed to depict the steady path of the faithful through life’s battles and difficulties.SLH


The Hues of Autumn

Walking upon a golden carpet of fallen cedar, diamonds of dew show off their glitter. I see the hues of Autumn. Fire burst of scarlet, orange and lemon yellow, glorious color of whispering leaves. I see the hues of Autumn. In moody blue of salty sea, grey storms of passing clouds, in fields of heated tan and mottled green, I see the hues of Autumn. In the dusty rose of a fading sky, I behold the wonders of a nature my blessed Savior created. With eyes and senses He bestowed, with those who are thankful I will be. Unspoken words that He is here, in dazzling nature clues. I see the Autumn hues.



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