Wednesday, November 26, 2008


THE BEREAN TIMES November 26th, 2008




Well it has been an unpredictable November so far. We have had some sunny days and stormy nights,crackling fires
windy afternoons, flooded drives and icy morns. Actually quite typical for November in the Northwest.

We have had to say goodbye for awhile to one of our own and welcomed another only too briefly. We celebrated birthdays
and mourned loss
but through it all our focus has been on the Redeemer. Tomorrow we will celebrate His great Providence in the guiding and founding of our nation. We love America and all that she was founded upon and what she has stood for and what has been fought for, for generations. But America is changing in frightening ways, all I can say is that I'm glad America is only my temporary home and that I am only a pilgrim here, that my home and country is in a far off land, but I will rejoice when we are finally there. Tomorrow will be a day spent with family; aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins to reflect on our many blessings and to share good food and even better memories. Let us not fail to remember the past and to map out our futures to the glory of God, Amen.



Gratitude is a state of mind and being. Grateful and Thankful. In every situation let us find something to be truly grateful for. Thankfulness should be full it's in the word itself. We can't and should not try to fool ourselves with self-pity(poor me)and grumbling complaints. There is and always will be people less fortunate than ourselves, lives more in danger and turmoil and sorrow more overwhelming. There will always be needs seemingly unmeetable and crisis aplenty. Our response needs to be one of compassion and endurance, to not give up and to remember the one lonely leper who came back to give thanks....I intend to be the one, how about you?


Thanksgiving is on the move getting closer and closer. It is amazing how people ignore Gods providence by trying to forget our history, the history that we Americans are so proud of. We have come so far. Our forefathers were hunted and harried, persecuted and punished and for what; to worship God and live how they saw fit. But they came through it and not through their own strength but by God. They new that and they gave thanks to God. So this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for many things. I can’t even count my blessings because there are so many. America is trying to take God out of every thing, most Americans call Thanksgiving ~turkey day~ but it’s real name is Thanksgiving and it is called that name for a reason. They took God out of schools, they’re trying to take God out of “in God we trust” and even the Pledge of Allegiance. But let me tell you, that when I say the Pledge of Allegiance I will say it with One Nation Under God! America, America God truly has shed His Grace on thee!!


- What is Faith? Faith is something that you are willing to die for, no matter what
comes before you, or how hard the challenge is. You will pour your all into it, it is something to believe in, trust, follow, Someone to worship, and obey. I will give you any answer on why you should more than ever pray like never before, and worship like never before. Times are getting harder and they won't soon get better, so now is the time to get in touch with the Lord God Almighty, serve Him, and be a faithful follower of Christ for all eternity.
Sir. Brennen Dickinson *Obey to live for ever.*


Thanksgiving : The act of rendering thanks or expressing gratitude for favors or mercies. 2. A public celebration of divine goodness; also a day set apart for religious services, specially to acknowledge the goodness of God, either in any remarkable deliverance from calamities or danger, or in the ordinary dispensation of His bounties. The practice of appointing an annual Thanksgiving originated in New England. WEBSTERS DICTIONARY 1828
I am thankful for those convictions of the pilgrims that pressed them to leave their homes and comforts, and rely on God to lead them where they and future generations could live, worship and belong to the Creator alone. I am also very thankful for the preservation of His Word and the documents of history which without, we would be deluded by the revised versions of corrupted mankind.
I am joyful to be hearing the true account of the pilgrims read aloud by my mother and teacher (-: . Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford is an eye-witness account describing the events prior to and the first 50 years of the new colony in America. I have learned much so far, which only lets me know there is much more to be learned!
I am thankful for a family who is also on a great pilgrimage to another land.
Most of all I am thankful for the hope placed in me of everlasting life, bought with the blood of The King. Jesus our Savior.

The Comic Without a Name

Appropriate for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Pilgrim Man by ESDH


[ IF ]
Dearest Lord,
If all I need right now you have already given,
If all I will ever, and forever hereafter need is in your hand and time and keeping,
If what is gently taken away from me or withheld from me for a season, is for my benefit and your glory,
If my name was already written in your Book Of Life before time itself,
If death will never win or reign over my soul,
If you are my father, and chastise and afflict me only in the deepest of love and foresight ;
If you direct all my steps according to your perfect will, purpose and good pleasure,
If the echo of a word or sound must taper off and fade away before another can be spoken or heard,
If you have called me from darkness into your marvelous light,
If I am your beloved,
If I even I am yours, even your treasure,
If you will never leave me or forsake me,
If your grace is sufficient,
If my only purpose and work, which is to worship Him who is worthy, is also my greatest peace, joy and privilege,
If every If was abolished when the King of Kings said “ IT IS FINISHED!”,
Then what shall we worry or fear all of our days? Praise the Lord for a peace that passes understanding! And a victory unfading and glorious!


The Reluctant Dragon said...

Aaaaaah! November can't be over yet! Or, or even close to being over. Where has this month gone?

Karen said...

Powerful words, Berean Academy, that brought tears to my eyes many times.

Glad to hear from Brennen, too.


Wharton said...

If all we gave was ourselves to one another, would we really need to make 'The Christmas List'?

Ashley said...

Post more! Post more!