Monday, March 30, 2009


THE BEREAN TIMES March 30th 2009

MARCH 2009


Well Spring is in the air you can tell with your senses. Even with snow still falling the temperatures are slowing rising, the new growth and life is starting to bud with green and and everywhere you look you find pastel hued clothes, shoes and bunnies hopping down rabbit trails. On the educational front we have more intense study and practice ~ making sure all our ducks are in a row. We celebrated some birthdays here at the Berean Academy, first Sara's then Chad's. How refreshing to celebrate the milestone of turning 21 with Health, Peace and Joy... BUT MOST OF ALL WITH HIM. Congratulations to you both!! Like the change in weather, we here at the Academy had a change in our schedules this month as the flu hit our attendance for school very hard ~ lets just say we had an extended "Spring Break". Now that everyone is hopefully on the mend we can get back to some serious business. Our dear Sara has left on a road trip with Grandpa Bill to travel and visit with relatives all across this great nation of ours and we will be severely missing her for the next three weeks! For those of you persevering in the "Great January Missing Edition Contest" do not despair I'm sure your bound to turn a corner soon. Speaking of hunts does anyone else who reads this blog have any local or familial traditions for Resurrection Sunday??? Our family likes to do an old fashioned treasure hunt with scriptures and little surprises along the way. Let us know what your favorite traditions are! Well we have missed all of our friends and loved ones since we have been on this self-imposed quarantine. Can't wait to see all your lovely visages soon!

Snow Again? And this late in March?

Hmm, today is the 24th of March and we awoke this morning and saw a few inches of fresh beautiful snow outside. We sort of expect it won’t be the last time this happens this spring either! Especially living within these foothills of the mountains… brrr.
We enjoy playing in the snow often, and its constant and long term arrival is not as much of a surprise as when we first moved over here. Outside we hear a different story though; It goes something like this: “chirp! chirp! chirp!” screeching, “Chirp! Chirp!”
[momma bird telling papa bird that they definitely should have waited a few more weeks at least, before flying back north]
Bold “chirp! Chirp! chirp!!” "papa bird saying, “Don’t worry pretty momma bird, it is spring despite this cold snow you see darling. Also I will brave it to bring the worms we need back to the family right here under this big tree shelter, Chirp Chirp?” Then mamma bird, her feathers still quite ruffled asked, “chirp-chirp-chirp?” "what if you get frostbite on your wings or chirpmonia?" “ Nonsense honey bird! Don’t forget that you did marry the fastest worm catcher in the West!” CHIRP! CHIRP! BABY!
With that, to remind her of his bravado, he leaped out with one smooth motion and landed in the freshly fallen snow; he disappeared for only a split bird second under that blanket of white beauty, and with momma and babies watching anxiously, up he popped like a piece of toast with the absolutely longest worm they had ever seen hanging from his smiling beak. He darted back to them with that proud papa grin, and they all chirped with happiest delight. “Chirp, Chirp, Hooray! Chirp, Chirp, Hooray! Momma even sang a melody in sweet approval! Oh how they all chirped with perfect ease until that snowy season ended!


March has been…………. snowy, rainy, coldish, warmish, sunshine’s, fogeyish, I don’t know what to write aboutish (three days later.) So I’ll tell you what I’m doing instead I’m listening to Switchfoot “Stars” “stars, stars when I look at the stars I feel like myself” I think that Switchfoot is a really good band, oh now “Learning to Breathe” by Swicthfoot “Hello Good Morning How You Do, well I’m Waiting How You Do? Sara and Chad went to a Chris Tomlin concert but Sara will tell you about it. (one day later) We’ve had a lot of snow lately and rain off and on, well it’s St. Patty’s Day and I got pinched but I’m wearing green now =) a family tradition of ours is we have corn beef and cabbage every St. Patty’s Day yummmm I can smell it cooking now! (one day later) the snow has melted mostly at our house. Yesterday I went for what was supposed to be a delightful walk but it turned into a disaster. It started with Sara asking me if I wanted to go on a walk with her and me saying no, but my plan was to wait a minute and then get ready and sneak behind her. This worked for a while but as I started running I noticed that she was no were to be found and thus I came to the conclusion that she had to be down at the pump house road. So I ran though the woods like a mad man until I got to the top of the hill, I could not see her so I went back home only to find she was not there and the dogs were gone so I grabbed a helmet and jumped on a bike and started pedaling as fast as the cheap bike would go. This time I went the opposite way hoping to see her on the long stretch of road which I didn’t, so I road the bike down the hill past the pump house and down a place I didn’t like and back up again, seeing the horse I thought I should just forget about going on a walk. So I gave the horse a carrot by myself and then when I decided to go back home I came around a corner and saw my neighbor and she said, “she’s up by the paper box” and so I said, “thanks” and walked toward my sister that had been looking for me back and forth just on the upper side while I looked for her on the lower side. that’s all my rambling for March.

Poetry Corner

A Lego story

Lego ships and cannons,
Plastic guns of every size,
& tiny Lego people, their faces of sternness,
Happiness, and surprise.
A thousand different options
From the boy with his Lego mind’s eye.

Lego gold, Lego flags, “Lego my Eggo I lost the Lego hand!”, “brothers, sissy, mommy, dad,’’….
“look at my strong walls and the captain, look at my Lego land!”

After hours of decisions, digging for and putting together piece by piece,
Analyzing the plot again, which one is the good guy? Which one the rotten thief?
Finally a smile beams across his face
“just right” he thinks in his head.
Now time for some Lego action, putting voices to every Henry and Fred. The war goes on until every last Lego enemy is either conquered, dismembered, or Lego dead!

But it doesn’t end so quickly, as you might think, because there is this thing called Lego relief, you know, like Lego stretchers,
Ambulances, and medicine health packs;

All to prolong the wars excitement, and to fix the enemies attacks.

I’m sure I have seen, [at least one time] that trusty Mr. Lego doctor, stitch right back on, a missing Lego head… eerie thing though, it ended up Captain Johnson, Not poor broken Colonel Fred.

Such delight filled hours are those,
Spent in that Lego land repose,
So you have to smile even when you sometimes trip on a pile, and they stab your toes,

Or when they somehow confiscate every flat surface, land in the dog food or camp in the bottom of the washer [you know how it goes]
All in this land of Lego’s.