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JUNE 2009


June has come and gone and we are anxiously waiting for summer to take hold. We have many activities scheduled and a new school year to plan for. We found out that the newest member of the Berean Academy will be a he and that he should join us sometime around the middle of fall quarter. We went to a family reunion/campout and caught up with many of our relatives that we don't see very often, it was a lot of fun.


June was an exciting and fun adventure, with my grandparents moving up to live with us. Father's Day, preparing for the Fourth of July, and my horse camp which is for an entirely different post. My parents and grandparents went down to Cannon Beach, Oregon and had a blast. The 25th was the first day of doing worship with the Harpers which was fun. I have also decided to write another book even though I haven’t finished the first one (he he). I would like to tell you some Confucius sayings... man who run in front of car soon get tired. Confucius says man who run behind car soon get exhausted. A joke is a very serious thing.
Winston Churchill... A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality.
Winston Churchill... All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.


There’s no way little Pipi Quinlan has a sand box big enough for the toy she bought on the Internet without her parents knowing. In May the three year old New Zealand girl woke early and played on her parents computer while they slept. Once on the Internet Pipi somehow managed to buy an excavator on an online auction website. The three year old placed a bid for $15,600.00. Her parents managed to cancel the transaction. excerpted from World Magazine


Your older brothers and sister,
can hardly wait for you,
though we know right now
you're kind of busy,
growing big and strong
in momma`s womb.
Oh boy we want to meet you,
and call you [little brother,
our very own];
We look forward to showing you
all the things that we have been shown.
What will your voice sound like?
and how about that baby grin?
We will have to count your fingers and toes,
to tell you there are ten.
My what stories we can tell you,
when you get old enough;
of your precious momma, brave daddy,and
how they have blessed all of us!
I know the Lord has taught us each something,
that we in turn will share with you.
The Lord is good, His steadfast love
endures forever, and He is faithful
through and through.♥

Mr.Jonathan Edwards

Recognized perhaps only for his sermon "Sinners in the hands of an angry God",
This seventeenth century theologian has deeply impacted a modern evangelical pastor, and a great author himself, Mr.John Piper. Mr piper has written a book entitled God's
Passion for His Gory. With the first half of the book Piper relays that Edward's
larger works, and namely "The end for which God created the world" impacted his own life, ministry, and walk with God so profoundly that he felt obliged to publish it in the second half of his book, both unabridged and including Edward's own footnotes.
The profound truth that Edward's conveys and Piper eagerly endorses, is that God's passion for His glory is the end for which he created the earth. Also that the happiness of the creature consists in rejoicing in God, by which also God is magnified and exalted, and God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

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MAY 2009


Well here we are at the end of May. This has once again been a month of whirlwind activity. Sara and I left halfway through the month down to Nevada to help grandpa and grandma move back here with us. We were gone for about two weeks and got to know each other and grandpa and grandma A LOT better. While back home DH was working with DS making the home front ready for our homecoming. Cleaning up the yard and felling trees kept the menfolk busy and hearing about their shopping trips for groceries etc. minus any family member of the female sex kept us in stitches. The long awaited
day arrived and a joyous reunion was had by all. Now the settling in and adjustments have started. We are excited to see what the summer will bring.


Hey readers we have been pretty busy around here, but I am back now. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks, my mom and sis left us for twelve days, no; thirteen crazy days. Yep I know they left to help my grandparents move up here, and now they are finally back. And the birds and the bees are out and about, singing and buzzing around. I got a feeling that this summer is going to be a good & hot one, we have already had some hot days. My sister and I have started running two miles a day, and so far we’ve been doing well. Also we, (my dad, grandpa and I), might be starting a small business this summer and I get to go to a horse camp this year which will be fun. 35 more days until camp. We also have the 4th of July which will be a lot of fun, but the catch is the fifth is my first day of camp, so I will be up late and then go to camp the next day. Another bit of news for you; my book is coming along, so I decided to let you have a snippet of it. So queue lights and music …… It was a long time ago when it happened, when I made a discovery that would change my life forever. I was fifteen at the time, I cannot forget that day like I was told to, so long ago, some listened but I did’t. I will never forget the day that it happened. Now I’m sort of a mercenary which by the help of God, will rid these islands of the pirates and corrupt government officials which are related to the attacks eight years ago. My name is Nathaniel Hawkins and this is my story…

P.S. I use the letter I to much, but I am determined to not to use I as much as I used to.



Well theses supposedly true things that are only in America

1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink.

3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

4. Only in people order double cheese burgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

5. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place.

8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

9. Only in we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.

10. Only in they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.

11. Only in America......can a homeless combat veteran live in a cardboard box and a draft dodger live in the White House. (POPULAR WHEN CLINTON WAS IN OFFICE)


New Neighbors

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of some beloved new neighbors!
grandpa and grandma! My mom and I took a plane to lost wages, Nevada [as grandpa calls it]to help them prepare for the journey home! They lived in Washington prior to moving to Nevada for about ten years, and now they feel the Lord is wanting them back here with us. We were on a road trip on the way back, they have a huge truck pulling the biggest R.V on this side of planet Earth! Matter of fact, one crystal clear image in our minds was when we crossed the Hood River toll bridge right before the Washington border. First we read [Caution narrow bridge narrow lanes!]
Too late though. We all held our breath as we crossed the bridge that seemed barely large enough for our vehicle alone.
I’m sure there were white knuckles and lots of prayers, first a few medium sized vehicles passed us, then a dump truck, followed by the unthinkable….. You wouldn’t believe it, a Semi truck itself [ insert scary fast music here] so grandpa pulled in his mirror and we all instinctively leaned to the right thinking that it would help us from grinding and screeching against
The eighteen wheeler nightmare ……….. 5 …4...3...2...1.. Shooowee!
We were practically hugging the wall of the water side.. And so was the driver next to us…. It was a close one but we all breathed out and started laughing after we made it within inches through…. [grandpa said we would find any other highway to detour to, in order to never do that again!
We were thrilled to be home again.. There isn’t many things in life comparable to coming home after being other places. I missed my brothers and dad very much. We need the Lord to bind us all ,as a family seeking his will, firmly together with cords that can not be broken! By his love and grace alone.

Your Mission By Ellen M. Gates
[This was President Lincoln’s favorite song, one which he encored repeatedly when sung at a Sunday School Convention in Washington in 1864.]

If you can not on the ocean
Sail among the swiftest fleet,
Rocking on the highest billows,
Laughing at the storms you meet,

You can stand among the sailors
Anchored yet within the bay;
You can lend a hand to help them
As they launch their boat away.

- If you are too weak to journey
Up the mountains steep, and high,
You can stand within the valley
while the multitudes go by,

You can chant in happy measure
As they slowly pass along;
Though they may forget the singer
They will not forget the song.

If you have not gold and silver,
Ever ready to command;
If you can not toward the needy
Reach an ever helping hand,

You can reach the afflicted,
O’er the erring you can weep;
You can be a true disciple,
Sitting at the Savior’s feet.

If you can not in the harvest
Garner up the richest sheave,
Many a grain, both ripe and golden,
With the careless reapers leave;

Go and glean among the briers
Growing rank against the wall
For it may be that the shadows
Hide the heaviest wheat of all.

If you can not in the conflict
Prove yourself a soldier true;
If where fire and smoke are thickest
There is no work for you to do,

When the battlefield is silent
You can go with careful tread-
You can bear away the wounded,
You can cover up the dead.

Do not, then, stand idly waiting
For some greater work to do;
Fortune is a lazy goddess,
She will never come to you.

Go and toil in My vineyard,
Do not fear to do or dare;
If you want a field of labor,
You can find it anywhere.

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THE BEREAN TIMES April 30th 2009

APRIL 2009


April has been a long and exciting month for us here at the Academy. We have been busy with school work of course, but also enjoying all the new signs of life around our humble abode. The birds with their little ones, bunnies leaping across the roads and deer bounding out of our yard. The flowers are in full color and the plants are blooming. God is adding to our family here at the Academy in more ways than one. Our beloved administrator and principle (yours truly) have found out they are expecting another little blessing from God; and our parents/grandparents from Nevada are moving up here with us at the end of May. Praise the Lord! We went to a home school conference and were blessed again by the various people, vendors and organizations that were there to further the kingdom of God specifically by encouraging the work ~ (note, labor of love) of homeschooling. God is so good and his mercy endures! See you all next month.


We have a winner …… congratulations Peach on finding our lost January issue. And to all of you runner-ups great job! The hours spent looking; I’ll tell you I don’t think I could have done it. We have had many good things happen in April, for one I found out I am going to have another sibling (crowd roar!) I can’t wait. The church play set was painted and April showers bring? Rhododendrons, our driveway is lined with them. In a couple of weeks they will be in full bloom. We have a first… I am going (trying) to write a book, I got a lot of my inspiration from the movie Master and Commander Far Side of the World and the book Treasure Island. Yep pirates! I would tell you about it but I might give it away. I won’t tell you anything and maybe I should not have you said anything at all. Oh well. We fell a tree today because my grandpa and grandma are MOVING up here and we need room for their fifth wheel and the tree was in the way. Did you happen to see the circle cloud around the sun the other day? We did and it was really cool. We made a video at church today and tried to make an invisible rope trick……… It didn’t work ahhhhhh maaannnnnnnn. I can’t resist telling you a little something about my book. My book follows the life of Nathaniel Hawkins (Nat) as he likes to be called, later Captain Hawk and his ups and downs. This is a roller coaster ride of an action adventure drama book. See you next month.


Working on this post I have been listening to Audio Adrenaline… “Get Down” and I must say that it is true,

In your weakness He is stronger
In your darkness He shines through
When your crying He’s your comfort
When your all alone He’s carrying you

When life brings us down, God lifts us back up no matter what.

The Wind

The wind, we don’t know where it starts from,
or where it will make it’s journey next;
yet we can feel it and breathe it,
and look on the things of it’s affect.

How lovely do the trees look
when it seems they dance within the wind,
what beautiful expressions,
as the flowing breeze descends.

Does the wind itself make the whooshing sound,
or is it the objects by simply being in it’s path?
Though we cannot see it, we feel invigorated, energized
and more alive, by what feels like resounding breath.

Storms baffle us sometimes and make everything unclear,
but then you must seek the master of the wind; Jesus
and give to Him all your fears.
Only at His command the winds obey,
In His name the storms disappear,
He is sovereign Lord over all Creation
May His spirit beckon you near.

Half of April In Alabama

During the first week of April I went with my grandpa on a road trip towards the south.
It wasn’t too many days before I realized a few funny things:
First, grandpa was on a mission, hands on the steering wheel and eyes dead ahead to the every twist and turn and mile before us.
Second: There was an invisible connection between grandpa’s
right foot and the gas pedal, therefore some states were more of a giant blur rather than a picture in our minds. Wow.. If I fell asleep for just a bit, I would be sure to have hovered plane style right through at least half a state during that repose!
Third: when a rest stop was required by me, I had better say it an hour or so early…. Because I found out we would [miss] a few
in order [I’m sure] just to be that much closer to the destination of the evening! Whoa. That was not so funny at the time J
Well who would have guessed that sitting in the passenger seat doing nothing except staring deep into the atlas, and snapping a few pictures, could make you feel like you ran across the country?
That is somehow what it seemed like [ O my pillow and comfy bed where art thou?]
Before noon on day four we had made it to Sulphur, Oklahoma; The road through the main part of town was brick and
nearing the end was a large cemetery. We were headed to my cousin and his wife’s house. This was her hometown where she has lived all her life. Actually much of her family lives on the road behind their house, and her dad is the pastor of the church one block down. It was a great environment and good fellowship.
While we were there they had what they call a (singing!)
the whole neighborhood and church came to Maw-Maw’s house and brought fiddles, guitars, voices and cookies.
we sat around the big fire and sang hymns the rest of the evening!
Very neat!
Since it was country land and a lot of it, almost every house had a quad, they call them four wheelers and think it is strange that we call them quads up here- Lol! They use them to go check on property and visit each other. Or just to kill time.
The big excitement for the men and ladies surprisingly, was showing their guns and the much acquired skill of blowing bright orange clay pigeons apart from about thirty feet away. Interesting.
As for the weather I remember it was pretty hot, but really windy.

We stopped in Texas a couple hours later to visit my uncle Sandy, Who is my grandpa’s eldest son. I also had the joy of meeting my nine year old cousin Memphis for the first time.
We set up an obstacle course to run and jump through a few times; but it ended all too quickly when it was time to go again.
The rest of the day flew until we landed in Shreveport, Louisiana for that night. The next day only required five hours of driving to the final destination. Lafayette, Alabama. There uncle Ralph and aunt Kate, my grandpa’s older sister, were waiting for us to arrive. Sp we stepped into the home they have lived in for over sixty years, and hugged the beloved people that our Lord has caused to live for ninety-seven and ninety-two years.
Oh! What a privilege and great blessing it was to meet them and get to spend hours and days talking with them and sharing memories and laughs about this pilgrimage. It was altogether way too short. I could have learned so much more, and they would not say so but they need all the help and company they can get.
My aunt’s walking is getting more difficult, and they are both hard of hearing.
They love each other so so much though. I got such a kick out of watching them interact throughout the days. He calls her Ma, and she calls him baby. One day I heard this conversation:
UNCLE RALPH: “ Ma, you wanna go into town with me and get a biscuit?”
AUNT KATE: “ Ah no, I’m thinking my heads gonna get to hurting.”
UNCLE RALPH: ( In his joking manner) “ Well I guess I was lucky to get you out of the house yesterday.”
AUNT KATE: “ And that’s probley why I got take it easy-like today!
UNCLE RALPH: ( In his joking tone again) “ Well Ma, you can’t just keep sitting, sitting, sitting in yer chair all day, yer bound to hatch some chicks you know!”
AUNT KATE: ( laughing, and adding with the same enthusiasm)
“ Well baby, If I do hatch some of them, then at least you’ll be getting some help around here!”
And everybody was really laughing with that one.
Aunt Kate , before we left for the Birmingham Airport, told me, to never take a day for granted, and always be thankful for every step cause life does indeed go by quickly.
Lord, may you continue to bless and keep them all their days.


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THE BEREAN TIMES March 30th 2009

MARCH 2009


Well Spring is in the air you can tell with your senses. Even with snow still falling the temperatures are slowing rising, the new growth and life is starting to bud with green and and everywhere you look you find pastel hued clothes, shoes and bunnies hopping down rabbit trails. On the educational front we have more intense study and practice ~ making sure all our ducks are in a row. We celebrated some birthdays here at the Berean Academy, first Sara's then Chad's. How refreshing to celebrate the milestone of turning 21 with Health, Peace and Joy... BUT MOST OF ALL WITH HIM. Congratulations to you both!! Like the change in weather, we here at the Academy had a change in our schedules this month as the flu hit our attendance for school very hard ~ lets just say we had an extended "Spring Break". Now that everyone is hopefully on the mend we can get back to some serious business. Our dear Sara has left on a road trip with Grandpa Bill to travel and visit with relatives all across this great nation of ours and we will be severely missing her for the next three weeks! For those of you persevering in the "Great January Missing Edition Contest" do not despair I'm sure your bound to turn a corner soon. Speaking of hunts does anyone else who reads this blog have any local or familial traditions for Resurrection Sunday??? Our family likes to do an old fashioned treasure hunt with scriptures and little surprises along the way. Let us know what your favorite traditions are! Well we have missed all of our friends and loved ones since we have been on this self-imposed quarantine. Can't wait to see all your lovely visages soon!

Snow Again? And this late in March?

Hmm, today is the 24th of March and we awoke this morning and saw a few inches of fresh beautiful snow outside. We sort of expect it won’t be the last time this happens this spring either! Especially living within these foothills of the mountains… brrr.
We enjoy playing in the snow often, and its constant and long term arrival is not as much of a surprise as when we first moved over here. Outside we hear a different story though; It goes something like this: “chirp! chirp! chirp!” screeching, “Chirp! Chirp!”
[momma bird telling papa bird that they definitely should have waited a few more weeks at least, before flying back north]
Bold “chirp! Chirp! chirp!!” "papa bird saying, “Don’t worry pretty momma bird, it is spring despite this cold snow you see darling. Also I will brave it to bring the worms we need back to the family right here under this big tree shelter, Chirp Chirp?” Then mamma bird, her feathers still quite ruffled asked, “chirp-chirp-chirp?” "what if you get frostbite on your wings or chirpmonia?" “ Nonsense honey bird! Don’t forget that you did marry the fastest worm catcher in the West!” CHIRP! CHIRP! BABY!
With that, to remind her of his bravado, he leaped out with one smooth motion and landed in the freshly fallen snow; he disappeared for only a split bird second under that blanket of white beauty, and with momma and babies watching anxiously, up he popped like a piece of toast with the absolutely longest worm they had ever seen hanging from his smiling beak. He darted back to them with that proud papa grin, and they all chirped with happiest delight. “Chirp, Chirp, Hooray! Chirp, Chirp, Hooray! Momma even sang a melody in sweet approval! Oh how they all chirped with perfect ease until that snowy season ended!


March has been…………. snowy, rainy, coldish, warmish, sunshine’s, fogeyish, I don’t know what to write aboutish (three days later.) So I’ll tell you what I’m doing instead I’m listening to Switchfoot “Stars” “stars, stars when I look at the stars I feel like myself” I think that Switchfoot is a really good band, oh now “Learning to Breathe” by Swicthfoot “Hello Good Morning How You Do, well I’m Waiting How You Do? Sara and Chad went to a Chris Tomlin concert but Sara will tell you about it. (one day later) We’ve had a lot of snow lately and rain off and on, well it’s St. Patty’s Day and I got pinched but I’m wearing green now =) a family tradition of ours is we have corn beef and cabbage every St. Patty’s Day yummmm I can smell it cooking now! (one day later) the snow has melted mostly at our house. Yesterday I went for what was supposed to be a delightful walk but it turned into a disaster. It started with Sara asking me if I wanted to go on a walk with her and me saying no, but my plan was to wait a minute and then get ready and sneak behind her. This worked for a while but as I started running I noticed that she was no were to be found and thus I came to the conclusion that she had to be down at the pump house road. So I ran though the woods like a mad man until I got to the top of the hill, I could not see her so I went back home only to find she was not there and the dogs were gone so I grabbed a helmet and jumped on a bike and started pedaling as fast as the cheap bike would go. This time I went the opposite way hoping to see her on the long stretch of road which I didn’t, so I road the bike down the hill past the pump house and down a place I didn’t like and back up again, seeing the horse I thought I should just forget about going on a walk. So I gave the horse a carrot by myself and then when I decided to go back home I came around a corner and saw my neighbor and she said, “she’s up by the paper box” and so I said, “thanks” and walked toward my sister that had been looking for me back and forth just on the upper side while I looked for her on the lower side. that’s all my rambling for March.

Poetry Corner

A Lego story

Lego ships and cannons,
Plastic guns of every size,
& tiny Lego people, their faces of sternness,
Happiness, and surprise.
A thousand different options
From the boy with his Lego mind’s eye.

Lego gold, Lego flags, “Lego my Eggo I lost the Lego hand!”, “brothers, sissy, mommy, dad,’’….
“look at my strong walls and the captain, look at my Lego land!”

After hours of decisions, digging for and putting together piece by piece,
Analyzing the plot again, which one is the good guy? Which one the rotten thief?
Finally a smile beams across his face
“just right” he thinks in his head.
Now time for some Lego action, putting voices to every Henry and Fred. The war goes on until every last Lego enemy is either conquered, dismembered, or Lego dead!

But it doesn’t end so quickly, as you might think, because there is this thing called Lego relief, you know, like Lego stretchers,
Ambulances, and medicine health packs;

All to prolong the wars excitement, and to fix the enemies attacks.

I’m sure I have seen, [at least one time] that trusty Mr. Lego doctor, stitch right back on, a missing Lego head… eerie thing though, it ended up Captain Johnson, Not poor broken Colonel Fred.

Such delight filled hours are those,
Spent in that Lego land repose,
So you have to smile even when you sometimes trip on a pile, and they stab your toes,

Or when they somehow confiscate every flat surface, land in the dog food or camp in the bottom of the washer [you know how it goes]
All in this land of Lego’s.

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THE BEREAN TIMES February 28th 2009



Winter is dragging on around here. We have enjoyed the snow; it was nice. Now we would like for it to be over. All of us that is, except for our youngest student. Winter is a nice time for snowmen making and hot chocolate drinking. But there is just something about the first glimmers of blue in the sky and sunny rays peeking forth from gray mundane overcast clouds that makes a soul yearn for Spring. February has it's good points I'll allow, the Berean News Group owner and your beloved Berean Times editor celebrated 17 blessed years of matrimony together, an absent member returned and LOVE was more diligently studied, given and received. We here at the "Academy" are looking towards spring with a new focus. A digging into our studies afresh, preparing for...dare I say the word "TESTING" sshhhh! We finally have our school computer fixed and ready for group subjects (Yeah!) Sara and William have started attending an apologetics group that they are learning a lot from and they really enjoy to boot! We here at the Berean Academy believe in Delight Directed Study. It does make a difference in attention, comprehension and retention of the material studied. Well my post for this month is abbreviated just like the month itself. Now I must go looking for some rabbit trails. Persevero.

Breaking News ....

The other columnists at the Berean Times have missed their deadline...
More later....

Breaking news....

The columnists have deeply and exceedingly apologized for their lax behavior regarding their deadline schedules and have now gifted us with their respective columns.
The Management

Odds and Ends

Say what you will about one New York thief at least he was thorough. Walter U Tessier returned a $10.99 lobster to an Amsterdam, N.Y. price chopper supermarket saying the crustacean was bad. But while Tessire went browsing for a bag of king crab legs to exchange for the lobster, store employees became suspicious of the rejected food. Apparently, Tessire ate most of the lobster and reassembled the crustacean to appear whole before returning it to the store. When confronted, Tessire fled on foot but was arrested later at his home and charged with petty larceny.
(Bad boy, bad boy whatcha going do??????? He must have been pretty hungry, obviously the recession is making people do things they wouldn’t normally do in better times.)WLBH
Excerpted from World Magazine Feb. 14th, 2009

February in Focus

Wow! February has been awesome. Chad and I went to a Kutless, Stellar Kart, Disciple and Esterlyn concert. Some teenagers started a mosh pit in the front and I got pictures of them picking people off the ground and hand passing them in the crowd. The lead singer of Kutless watched this and jumped into the crowd. On the way there Chad and I were jamming out to some songs and singing REALLY LOUD!!! = )! During an intermission Chad went to get something to eat and being bored I started punching the air and chanting, Whou! Whou! Whou! and got the other teenagers to chant with me. People were opening water bottles and throwing them around getting people wet, but hot as we were nobody cared. Jon Micah Sumrall aka lead singer of Kutless saw this and towards the end of a song he punted off his water bottle into the crowd. Another highlight was that JMS stopped right in the middle of a song and said, “I see some people out there who have just refused to jump all night and I see two types of people; I see some older people who maybe brought their kids or their grandkids and are saying I’m just to old for this, now let me tell you something, you are never to old to jump up and down at a rock n roll concert!” Everybody started screaming and then he said, “and the second group of people out there are a little younger, middle school/ high school, maybe even college that are saying I’m just to cool to jump. Well let me tell you something you are never to cool to jump up and down at a rock n roll concert!” and after he said (college) a few people started screaming. “Now I want EVERYBODY to jump up and down.” I looked back and almost everyone was jumping up and down. Kutless sings songs like Shut Me Out, Your Touch, Sea of Faces, Strong Tower, To Know That Your Alive, Promise of a Lifetime, Winds of Change, Hearts of the Innocent and Take Me In just to name a few. Stellar Kart is a Christian band with hits like, Me and Jesus; I don’t really know this band very well but I like this song …

"Me And Jesus" by Stellar Kart

When there's nowhere else to turn
All your bridges have been burned
Feels like you've hit rock bottom
Don't give up it's not the end
Open up your heart again
When you feel like no one
Understands where you are

Someone loves you even when you don't think so don't you know you got
Me and Jesus by your side through the fight you will never be alone on your own you got me and Jesus

After all that we've been through
By now you know I've doubted too
But every time my head was in my
Hands you said to me chorus.
Hold on to what we got
This is worth any cost so
Make the most of life
That's borrowed
Love like there's no tomorrow.

Disciple is a Christian ROCK band that is alright and Esterlyn is pretty good. A couple weeks before the concert Chad and I busted out the Kutless c.d.’s preparing for the concert and memorizing the songs and singing secretly. I’m not kidding you. Hard as it may seem I actually sing but I’m not saying you’d want to hear it.

After The World Lyrics by Disciple

You break the glass, try to hide your face
Recorded lines that just will not erase
And buried in your loss of innocence
You wonder if you'll find it again

Was I there for the worst of all your pain?
And was I there when your blue sky ran away?
Was I there when the rains were flooding you?
I hope that you see those were My tears falling down for you, falling down for you
I'm the One that you've been looking for
I'm the One that you've been waiting for
I've had My eyes on you ever since you were born
I will love you after the rain falls down
I will love you after the sun goes out
I'll have My eyes on you after the world is no more

Did I arrange the light of your first day?
Did I create the rhythm your heart makes?
Could you believe when your candle starts to fade?
I want to be the One that you believe
Could take it all away, take it all away

Isn't My life a clear sign since I have crossed over this chasm
To fill the space between Me and you?
And I will do it all over again
Just look for Me, just wait for Me

The One you've been looking for
The One you've been waiting for
You won't have to look anymore
The One you've been looking for
The One you've been waiting for

On a different note, Sara and I have started going to apologetics and Chad is going to be coming I think. Also I’m amazed at my luck with horses if you want to call it that, I’ve had chances to go to horseback riding lessons and ride other people’s horses. At Miracle Ranch I was told I could come anytime I wanted and we lived seven minutes away and then we moved. : ( ! We went on a field trip to the V2 farm where I was offered a volunteer position by the owner, who had been a horse class instructor and planned to start a horse program at the farm. You probably know it didn’t work out. : ( ! A little over a month ago I decided to start going on a run in Selleck and met some new people. I talked to them again on another run and ended up being offered a horse for free; the lady had hurt herself while riding and couldn’t ride anymore. She offered me a quarter-horse mare, I will leave it at that. ;(

One more tidbit, I titled these pictures “I Love Kutah” because on the way to the concert I would start saying something and then stick my head out the widow. What I was saying was “I love Kutless” but at the last second I would stick my head out the widow and the wind would suck away the end of my exclamation. :p !!!





If you would like to see more pictures from the concert please visit my new blog at


My very fleeting thought about February is this… they; whoever could make such a drastic decision, should take the [r] out of
the word February! The reason being that almost everybody I have heard saying the title of this shortest month including me, says it something like this, “FEB YOO AREY”.
Is this an accurate depiction? How do YOU say this word? Can you hear the rrr sound in there? C’mon try it FEB ROO AREY {o:
Ha ha ha ha! Try again next year! God Bless

This section is absolutely moving. I love it!

Him let us love! Him let us love: He made us, nor is He far off.
For He did not make us, and so depart, but we are of Him, and in Him. See there He is, where truth is loved. He is within the very heart, yet hath the heart strayed from Him. Go back into your heart, ye transgressors, and cleave fast to Him that made you. Stand with Him, and ye shall stand fast. Rest in Him, and ye shall be at rest.
Whither go ye in rough ways? Whither go ye? The good that you love is from Him; but it is good and pleasant through reference to Him, and justly shall it be embittered, because unjustly is anything loved which is from Him, if He be forsaken for it. To what end then would ye still and still walk these difficult and toilsome ways? There is no rest where ye seek it. Seek what ye seek; but it is not there where ye seek. Ye seek a blessed life in the land of death; it is not there. For how should there be a blessed life, where life itself is not?
But our true life came down hither, and bore our death, and slew Him, out of the abundance of His own life: And HE Thundered, Calling aloud to us to return Hence to Him into that secret place whence He came forth to us, first into the virgin’s womb, wherein He espoused the human creation, our mortal flesh, that it might not be forever mortal,
And thence “ Like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, rejoicing as a giant to run his course.” For He lingered not, but ran, calling aloud by words, deeds, death, life, descent, ascension; crying aloud to us to return unto Him. And He departed from our eyes, that we might return into our hearts, And there find Him.
For He departed, and lo, He is here. He would not be long with us, yet left us not; for He departed thither, whence he never parted,
“ because the world was made by Him.” And in this world He was, And into this world He came to save sinners, unto Whom my soul confesseth, and He healeth it, for it hath sinned against Him.
O ye sons of men, how long so slow of heart? Even now after the descent of Life to you, will ye not ascend and live? But whither ascend ye, when ye are on high, and set your mouth against the heavens? Descend that ye may ascend, and ascend to God.
For ye have fallen by “ascending against Him.” Tell them this, that they may weep in the valley of tears, and so carry them up with thee unto God; because out of His spirit thou speakest thus unto them, If thou speakest, burning with the fire of charity.

Excerpted from St. Augustine’s Confessions

Woodworkers Ballad

All that is moulded of iron has lent to destruction and blood;
But the things that are honored in Zion are most of them made from wood.
Stone can be chiseled to beauty, and iron shines bright for defense, but when mother earth pondered her duty, she brought forth the forest from whence.
Come tables, and chairs, and crosses, little things that a hot fire warps, old ships that the blue wave tosses, and fiddles for music and harps;
Oak boards where the carved ferns mingle, monks` shrines in the wilderness, snug little huts in the dingle, all things that the sad poets bless.
King Arthur had a wood table; And our Lord blessed wood; for you see, He was born in a wooden stable, and He died on a wooden tree;
And he sailed in a wooden vessel on the waters of Galilee,
And he worked in a wooden trestle, at his wonderful carpentry.
Oh, all that is moulded of iron has lent to destruction and blood;
But the things that are honored in Zion are most of them made from wood.

-Herbert Edward Palmer-
Born 1880

Excerpted from A Treasury of Christian Poetry



This month I'm reviewing a wonderful novel that we have read here at B.A. "Ishmael" written by E.D.E.N. Southworth in 1876 is an engrossing read that captures your attention right from the get go. The protagonist of this story is Ishmael and the book and it's sequel "Self Raised" tell his life story. From the coldest and most abject poverty to the heights of acclaim, you will rejoice with him, cry with him and ponder God's great love for him and (us) and His all encompassing providence in ours and others lives. Ishmael is an astonishing example/hero especially for boys, but the book is also full of contrasts; proud vs. meek, true beauty vs. outward beauty and so on for girls to glean from. I do not know if this book is available at your local library or not, but it is a gem certainly worth looking for. This title is available for purchase at

Monday, February 16, 2009


THE BEREAN TIMES January 31st 2009



Where oh where did the January edition of our most beloved newspaper go? Be on the lookout for it. Whoever finds it and comments first will receive a "prize".
the Editor

Thursday, January 1, 2009


THE BEREAN TIMES December 31st 2008/January 1st 2009



Have you ever heard the phrase "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"? Well that has been 2008, at least in the Hall family. We have had our share of good times and bad, quiet and peaceful, loud and hectic, heartbreaking and fearful and joyful and grateful. We have had homecomings and tearful goodbyes. We have grown and changed and experienced new things, places and activities. We have found a wonderful new church of like-minded believers and a welcoming community of neighbors. All in all we have much to be grateful for. Things started off with a bang on New Years' Eve of 2007 ~ fireworks and pot banging to usher in the year 2008. We will be celebrating our one year anniversary of our new church the first Sunday in January. On January 6th we traveled to a home fellowship to find out they had outgrown their home meeting and as God would have it, directed us to their new location. Praise the Lord for His Providence! We were heartily welcomed and immediately felt at home, just what we had been searching for. Fast forward a year ~ so much has happened and we feel like family even more. The rest of the year sped by in a blur. William celebrated his 14th birthday mid January. In early February I took a trip down to visit my mom and hand deliver some precious heirlooms of my grandmothers'. Doug and I celebrated 16 years of wedded life in mid February, then we had heartbreaking news followed by God's blessing in disguise, a grown child's bittersweet homecoming, but by God's design a providential one and what a blessing it has turned into, only God could of known. Then came March with Sara and Chad both turning 20 and a wonderful Easter Sunday spent with our church family, the next day we had another emotional homecoming from our other prodigal! God is so good and even when we don't understand why we go through the things He allows us to, he means everything for our growth in Him. In April we waved goodbye to Doug and William as they left for an adventure in Alabama to dig into some old family roots, to get the goods as it were on the older generations. We had our nephew and nieces (cousins) come spend their Spring break with us at this time. Then came my birthday, we can quickly skip over that. We also went to the wonderful Christian Heritage Homeschool conference at Overlake this month and enjoyed following the E's home in the snow! Next came May with it's emotional up and downs. Was I destined to have a thankful and joyful Mother's Day? It was a nail-biter for sure. It was a good one as it turned out. Praise God! June was a welcome reprieve from a snowy and wet Winter and Spring. We went to the Oregon Christian Homeschool conference, stayed in a neat hotel and got to hear some of our favorite speakers. Then Doug, my wonderful hubby and best friend for life reached a milestone in his life and celebrated his 40th birthday! We had an enjoyable time as our family and friends all helped us to surprise Doug and give him a party he won't soon forget! At the end of June we had our annual Family Camp out at the 80, Doug's relatives all get together the last weekend in June and have a big reunion 75-110 people average it's a nice way to keep in touch with everyone. July came in stormy with heavy lighting and thunder showers, the men in our family assisted Mr. E in setting up the 4th of July fireworks show for the city of Maple Valley, they had a blast and appreciated the opportunity to help and learn some new things. William and Chad also started working for some local farmers doing haying. This is a sweaty, blistering, itchy and backbreaking job. I think they actually enjoyed it, got to have some of their friends work with them, earned some money and better yet; a good work ethic reputation. August and the dog days of summer arrived and we enjoyed our time spent together. We had some fun outings to Snoqualmie Falls, the Evergreen State Fair, saw the Jars of Clay/Leeland concert and went on our annual Cannon Beach vacation. September saw Doug and I escaping for a romantic interlude just the two of us. The children enjoyed a contra dance at a friends home and Sara and I helped K.E. and company celebrate her sweet 16th aboard a lovely Puget Sound cruise. I remember looking at the table full of dear young ladies and their mothers, thinking; I can see this same scene over and over again but for bridal showers and baby showers in the future. It was a precious sight. October arrived and Fall was finally here. We went on 2 different farm field trips and had alot of fun. We also got to witness the inner workings of our favorite radio station Spirit 105.3, took some pictures with the dj's and learned alot of new facts. We helped Ethan celebrate turning 8 years old and really settled into the school year. November started getting chilly and another family member celebrated a birthday, Brennen turned 19 and came and spent the weekend with us, it was sad to see him go, but we are hoping that he will come home to stay like his older siblings have. God gives and God takes away is another saying that I have had to learn intimately this year, there are some sorrows I believe that only a mother can really know. May God use everything in my life to show my need for more of Him. Thanksgiving was a bittersweet time this year, but Our thankfulness and gratitude showed all the more. December is here and now at an end, our family had a couple more outings and field trips. We went to Doug's Family Fun Night,

Doug and his 3 brothers with their dad.

Grandpa realizing William is almost as tall as him!

We went to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker at McCaw Hall in Seattle.

It was truly magical and a special holiday memory to last forever.Ethan especially fell in love with nutcrackers in particular. After we got home, the snows and wind began in full force and I don't think I left the house for what seemed at least 2 1/2 weeks. Our family computer crashed and trying to get everything to work on my laptop has been a struggle.

I wouldn't want this persons power bill!
The Advent season came upon us and was spent in special family times remembering what God has done for us and what God with us really means. A couple nights before Christmas about 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening, there was a knock on our door and when we went to open it, there was no one there but they had left a box and basket of gifts and goodies, to whoever you are thank you! Christmas morning arrived and we all enjoyed ourselves, opened presents and shared a wonderful Christmas brunch. One highlight was when William opened his calendar for 2009,(an annual Christmas gift for everyone)and looked at the back only, which had all of the pictures of horses on it. He was supposed to look inside because Doug and I had gotten him a special Christmas/birthday present of taking him to the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. Sara picked up his calendar and started flipping through it like he was supposed to do and she paused on the month of January and had the most incredulous look on her face,
she told William he had better look at his calendar again, the response was priceless!

Christmas dinner was a special but time consuming meal, Sara and I worked hard to make it wonderful and it was Delicious! I like this picture of Sara's reaction to Daddy lighting the last Advent candle on Christmas night and the thought that the burnt match would fall into the horseradish cream sauce! We picked up our nephew and nieces the last week of this month and worked and played and enjoyed their time with us.

How about a friendly little game of cards, cousins?
For you Aunt Shell

Hard at work.

We celebrated New Years Eve with our wonderful church family

and another of Mr. E's firework shows.
At home tonight we waited to see the old year out and the new one in, in the same way we had a year ago. Goodbye 2008 it's been bittersweet! Welcome 2009 and whatever trials and victories come our way.


Hello, I am truly sorry for being an unfaithful news journalist. I’m trying to meet my deadline. But enough about me, I’m very choppy with my words. Go ahead laugh at me talking about myself when I said enough about me! In December my sister and I went caroling, (I have a fear of singing you might say, which is bad when you are going caroling. I don’t think you know how bad my fear of singing is. But recent encouragement by family and friends has changed that.) Then my family and I went to the "Nutcracker" Pacific Northwest Ballet and then Snowflake Lane. "It doesn’t matter what the weatherman says, it snows every night at Snowflake Lane fake or real." We had so much fun, now I’m not a ballet type guy… but it was really good even though people were dancing around in tights.

After the ballet we went to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue and walked around the mall window shopping and people watching, then we went outside and saw the percussionists. They were awesome!



Why Jesus is better than Santa clause……..
Santa lives in the north pole…. Jesus is everywhere

Santa rides in a sleigh…
Jesus rides the wind and walks on water

Santa comes but once a year…..
Jesus is an ever present help

Santa fills your stockings with goodies….
Jesus supplies all your needs

Santa comes down your chimney uninvited…
Jesus stands at your door and knocks and then enters your heart when invited.

You have to wait in line to see Santa…
Jesus is as close as the mention of his name

Santa lets you sit in his lap…
Jesus lets you rest in his arms.

Santa doesn’t know your name all he can say is hi little boy (or girl) what’s your name.. Jesus knew our name before we did. Not only does he know our name, he knows our address too. He knows our history and future and he even knows how many hairs are on our heads.

Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly…
Jesus has a heart full of love..
All Santa can offer is HO HO HO…
Jesus offers health, help and hope.

Santa says you better not cry..
Jesus says “cast all your cares on me for I care for you.”

Santa’s little helpers make toys…
Jesus makes new life, mends wounded hearts, repairs broken homes and builds mansions.

Santa is a jolly old elf…
Jesus is the king of kings.

Santa makes you chuckle but…
Jesus gives you joy that is your strength.

{Santa is not real but……
Jesus is.} italics mine WLBH

Santa puts gifts under your tree…
Jesus became our gift and died on a tree.
(excerpted from

A Couple of Firsts…

This year was the 25th Anniversary of the Pacific Northwest Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker. It was my FIRST time attending and I was quite impressed with the whole thing. Before it started we were able to peer over a small balcony in the front and watch as the orchestra tuned their instruments and practiced their scales quietly. It was amazing how they played piece after piece during the show perfectly. Slightly more amazing perhaps was the talent of the performers synchronizing their every step, leap, and smile exactly to the music and each others queue. It was wonderful. All the background scenery made it come to life and transformed the play constantly. We had a pair of binoculars with us so we took turns looking closely at the many different costumes, makeup designs, and the dramatic expressions that told the story. I enjoyed it greatly. It was much different than I had always thought it would be when hearing it talked about or broadcast over the radio, but different because it was much better and well done in person! Hey did you know that Tchaikovsky`s FIRST name is Peter? Hmm. After the play we went to Bellevue to a road called Snowflake Lane. It was right outside the Macy`s store. They were putting on a holiday special drumming show. There were several young people dressed up in uniforms and hats and they each had snare drums or bass drums. They proceeded in a line and then one at a time on each block they would fall out into their own separate stations and began to play along with the Christmas songs that were playing out of giant speakers on the side. To our amusement they played Let it Snow, and instantly like magic it began snowing. I believed it to really be snowing at FIRST! Then I realized; ha ha ha this snow is bubbles falling from the top of the buildings.. I then laughed at myself for awhile…
When we arrived back in Maple Valley there was however the FIRST few inches of real snow this season. A few weeks later when the storm came our way I found out what exactly a snowdrift was. Wow was it cold! About twenty degrees plus extreme winds that blew all the snow that was on the ground towards every taller object and made a completely different terrain the next day. There were feet and feet of snow stacked up against our house and vehicles. It was like you see the sand blown around in the desert creating ripples and layers.. Except this was multiplied and pure snow! All in all it was gorgeous and I won't soon forget this winter season!


For the poetry corner this time [since I am having trouble remembering which word rhymes with orange] I am going to type a few lyrics from the band MercyMe I hope you do not mind.. Besides they are very uplifting!

There`s a reason
Now`s the time- Let the redeemed celebrate-If you know what I know- you cant wipe the smile off your face- oh people stand up and praise- There`s a reason to dance- a reason to sing- of the sacred romance with our Savior and King- We lift up our hands- We fall on our knees- To the Son of Man- The reason we are free- There`s a reason-
All glory to- The King of Kings, Lord of Lords- Oh the value of your worth- No worldly treasures can afford- And we praise you forevermore- There`s a reason to shout, to shout your name on high- So we take up our cross, there`s a reason to die- Because Jesus is alive! [MercyMe]

Why would I spend my life longing for the day that it would end?- Why would I spend my time pointing to another man?- Isn`t that crazy?- How can I find hope in dying with promises unseen?- How can I learn your way is better in everything I`m taught to be?-Isn`t that crazy?- I have not been called to the wisdom of this world- But to a God who`s calling out to me- And even though the world may think- I`m losing touch with reality- It would be crazy to choose this world- Over eternity-
So if I boast let me boast in filthy rags made clean- And if glory let me glory in my Savior`s suffering- Isn`t that crazy?- And as I live this daily life I trust you for everything- And I will only take a step when I feel you leading me- Isn`t that crazy?- Call me crazy- You can call me Crazy!-